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Your Saginaw sewer lines are vital to the health and productivity of your property, but if you notice clogged drains or standing water, you could be facing sewage line damage. At Service Squad Plumbing, we have the state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading technicians to effectively locate and repair that damage.

The Saginaw Sewer Camera Process

If you notice any warning signs of sewer line deterioration, our trained technicians can promptly visit your Saginaw property and begin a thorough inspection. Our technicians can carefully send our high-resolution sewer camera into your sewer pipes and watch live feed on a monitor at ground level as the camera snakes through your pipeline. Using that footage, our technicians can assess the condition of your Saginaw sewer pipes and pinpoint exact locations of corrosion, leaks, invading tree roots, clogs, or other pipeline damage. That information can help us determine which type of plumbing solution your pipeline may need. Whether that solution is drain cleaning, sewer line repair, or a full sewer line replacement, we’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective and efficient service for your needs.

The Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections

The sewer camera inspection process offers several benefits. The camera’s innovative technology allows us to see inside your pipes without having to do extensive excavation. Instead of digging up your yard and potentially damaging your landscaping, driveway, foundation, and other property features, we can send our camera through one conveniently-located access hole and keep your property intact.

The non-invasive sewer camera inspection is also efficient. The money and time required to bring in a large crew to excavate your property, inspect your entire plumbing system, and repair all the subsequent damage can be eliminated. A Saginaw sewer camera inspection requires one or two technicians, a small access hole, very little digging, and only a few hours of your time, so the job can be completed without all those extra costs and delays in your schedule.

Besides less destruction and more efficiency, sewer camera inspections are also better for the environment than traditional excavation methods. Traditional inspection methods churn up a lot of your property, which could expose you to unhealthy and potentially dangerous contaminants in the soil. The ease of our sewer camera inspections means that your yard can remain untouched and anything in the soil can stay beneath the earth where it belongs.

Another benefit of a sewer camera inspection is that it allows our talented technicians to identify minor problems before they grow into major issues. Scheduling routine pipe inspections is a great maintenance tool. By periodically inspecting your Saginaw sewer lines, we can eliminate small problems, keep your sewer pipes running at full functionality, and reduce the likelihood that you’ll need expensive and messy system repairs or replacements down the road.

Schedule Pipe Inspection for Your Saginaw Property

If you suspect that your sewer line is damaged or it’s simply been awhile since your sewer system has been inspected, give our local team a call. Our affordable sewer camera inspection services can benefit your property, so reach out today.

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