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Sewer Repair Aledo Top-notch plumbing services in Aledo.

Our local Service Squad team is well-equipped to provide all types of sewer repair services to our Aledo, TX customers. We recognize the stress that an improperly functioning sewer system can cause for property owners throughout our service area. That’s why we always respond quickly for sewer related issues. Whether a sewer problem is obviously apparent or simply suspected, our team is trained to properly diagnose and solve the issues as needed.

Reasons Your Aledo Pipes Sewer Repair

Sewer issues can present themselves in a number of different ways. One of the key indicators of a sewer problem is standing waste water in sink basins or tubs. It’s especially important to determine if two or more clogs are present at the same time because that’s an indication that a problem is present further down the line. When sewer water backup occurs, service is needed as soon as possible. Similarly, a bubbling sound coming from toilets or sink drains may be a clue that something’s up within the sewer line. Impeded water flow will cause those air bubbles to escape, and that type of problem will need to be addressed by a professional. Standing water or soggy soil near the sewer line is another sign that there’s an issue such as a break or leak within the sewer pipeline.  

Types of Sewer Repair Services in Aledo, Texas

The first order of action with any potential sewer repair will likely be a sewer camera inspection. Using our state of the art in-line camera equipment, we’re able to locate the exact spot that is causing problems. This not only helps to determine the problem but also reduces the guesswork when it comes time for repair. Because the camera will send a locator signal to the operator, digging is minimized and localized. After the camera inspection, a plan will be drawn up for repairs. This could include cleaning, relining, or replacing the sewer pipe. The type of repair required depends largely on how extensive the breakage, blockage, or puncture may be. Larger breaks will likely require a complete or sectional replacement, while smaller damage can usually be taken care of with relining or patch work. And of course, if it turns out that a blockage is to blame, we can come in with our hydro jet equipment to clear up the issue. We always recommend the least invasive yet most effective method of sewer repair for each individual job.

Sewer Repair in Aledo, TX

Our plumbing professionals are for our Aledo area customers. At the first sign of a sewer problem, we’re ready and willing to come out and inspect the system. If sewer repairs are needed, we’ll schedule the work in a timely manner, knowing that the integrity of your sewer and plumbing system is of utmost importance to you. Give us a call to make a sewer inspection and repair appointment. Our team is trained, licensed, and screened so you can rest assured that we provide quality work every time. And because we’re local, our service is always done quickly and conveniently. Don’t hesitate to contact our office for all your sewer repair needs.

  • Backed-up sewage in your yard or basement
  • Clogs in multiple drains in your home
  • Standing water close to your sewer line
  • Water that is unable to drain from sinks, toilets, or bathtubs

We understand that no clog is the same and that each sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, or sewer line installation service is unique. Our sewer line camera inspection allows us to locate the root of your clog or sewer line issue, and deliver a solution that works for both your budget and your unique situation.

If you’re in the Aledo, TX area, we want to help you with your residential plumbing services. Call us at (817) 402-2188  for reliable results and top-notch customer service!


Expert Drain Cleaning Services

The pipes drain and the entire sewer system in homes tend to become caked with debris, buildup, and grime over the years. If your home requires an expert drain cleaning service, you’ll probably have noticed a recurring clogged drain. You may have tried DIY solutions such as commercial drain cleaners, but these are only short-term fixes and will not completely remove blockages.

A professional drain cleaning company such as Service Squad Plumbing can get to the root of clogged drain issue, as they’re equipped with the latest plumbing technology and the expertise, knowledge, and dedication necessary to get your drains sparkling once again.

Is there a foreign object lodged deep within your pipes? Don’t fret, as our professional plumbers are able to locate and remove these objects safely and effectively.

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