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A dirty, clogged drain can cause unpleasant odors and wastewater backups in sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. At Service Squad, we recognize the importance of drain function for our Aledo customers. Today’s lifestyle depends upon a properly working plumbing system, and when a drain issue occurs, it can bring chaos to daily life.  That’s why drain cleaning is a necessary part of the services we offer.

Drain Cleaning as Regular Maintenance

Without regular drain cleaning, pipes can accumulate mucky buildup from sticky soaps and organic materials. Minerals within the water can adhere to the sides of pipes over time as well. Dirty pipe walls can cause a perpetual slowing of water flow and a deterioration of the pipe material. To avoid major plumbing problems in the future, we recommend regular drain cleaning to all of our Aledo customers, whether residential or commercial. Developing a regular maintenance routine that includes drain cleaning is a great way to uphold the integrity of the plumbing system and the value of the property. Our team uses a hydro jet cleaning procedure, which has proven to be a gentle and effective drain cleaning method for regular maintenance. With the use of pressurized water, we can avoid harsh chemicals that have the potential to damage both the pipes and the environment. Professional hydro jetting cleans drain pipes with the utmost care and is safe for scheduled practice.

Drain Cleaning for Problematic Issues

In the event of a clog, drain cleaning becomes even more imperative. As previously mentioned, clogs could happen over time and would be noticed as a continual slowing of water flow. However, an immediate stoppage of water flow indicates a clog that is much more serious and needs to be dealt with in a timely manner. Foreign objects such as toilet tissues, feminine products, bath toys, or clumps of hair can get lodged inside the drain pipe and instantly restrict the flow. Standing water in sinks and tubs or rising water in toilets are obvious indicators of a problematic clog. In those cases, our team will likely recommend an inspection as a first step in rectifying the issue. Once the cause of the clog is known, we can recommend a solution. We may use snaking procedures, hydro jetting procedures, or a combination of the two to clear your Aledo drains and solve the problem.   

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Drain Cleaning Appointments in the Aledo,TX Area

If you notice a slowing of water flow in your drain system, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. It’s always an easier and more gentle process to clean a drain that is not under duress. Keeping drain pipes clean helps to avoid emergency situations. However, should a clog arise that requires immediate attention, you can always count on our local Aledo team to respond to the distress call with professionalism. Our team is licensed and trained both to prevent drain problems and to solve them. Give us a call to schedule the drain cleaning appointment that fits your needs.

  • Backed-up sewage in your yard or basement
  • Clogs in multiple drains in your home
  • Standing water close to your sewer line
  • Water that is unable to drain from sinks, toilets, or bathtubs

We understand that no clog is the same and that each sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, or sewer line installation service is unique. Our sewer line camera inspection allows us to locate the root of your clog or sewer line issue, and deliver a solution that works for both your budget and your unique situation.

Expert Drain Cleaning Services

The pipes drain and the entire sewer system in homes tend to become caked with debris, buildup, and grime over the years. If your home requires an expert drain cleaning service, you’ll probably have noticed a recurring clogged drain. You may have tried DIY solutions such as commercial drain cleaners, but these are only short-term fixes and will not completely remove blockages.

A professional drain cleaning company such as Service Squad Plumbing can get to the root of clogged drain issue, as they’re equipped with the latest plumbing technology and the expertise, knowledge, and dedication necessary to get your drains sparkling once again.

Is there a foreign object lodged deep within your pipes? Don’t fret, as our professional plumbers are able to locate and remove these objects safely and effectively.

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