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We tend to neglect our drains, washing food, cooking grease, and other debris down the drains on a daily basis. Over time, this can lead to build-up inside the drainpipes, which ultimately causes slow and blocked drains. When clogs aren’t quickly addressed, it can lead to damage to the pipe or even burst pipes. Service Squad Plumbing offers dedicated service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. 

How to Know When to Call for Drain Cleaning 

A completely blocked or persistent clogged drain requires a professional drain cleaning company. DIY commercial liquid drain cleaners are only short-term solutions that cannot fully remove clogs and may cause damage to your pipes. The easiest way to determine the severity of the clog in your drain is to call an experienced plumber. 

It’s time to call for drain cleaning service if you detect: 

  • A sink, shower, or toilet that is draining slowly
  • The sink or shower won’t drain at all
  • A toilet that won’t flush and can’t be plunged
  • Puddling around your yard
  • Water backing up in a sink, tub, or toilet
  • An unpleasant odor coming from inside a drain
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your sink
  • Unwanted fruit flies around your sink

While most clogs are located just inside the drainpipe, the pipe can become clogged anywhere. When the clog is located deeper in the pipe, a drain cleaning liquid won’t work at all, and getting rid of the clog can feel impossible. A properly trained and experienced plumber from Service Squad Plumbing will get the job done right. 

Schedule Drain Cleaning in Fort Worth Today

At Service Squad Plumbing, we provide drain cleaning in Fort Worth to solve any type of clog in any drain in your home. Our plumbers are experts at drain cleaning and equipped to clear any sink, tub, shower, toilet, or any other drain in your home. We start by identifying the cause of the problem to determine the best method for clearing your drain. 

We value your time and won’t leave you waiting for days on end for a plumber to show up. We have a fast response time and same-day service to get your drain cleared as fast as possible. 

Schedule quick & thorough drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, or the surrounding areas by calling (817) 402-2188  or completing a contact form online today! 

  • “The technicians were very professional and polite, and got straight to the problem. Will definitely use again.”

    - Joseph C.
  • “You have a forever customer with me!! They were on time and Danny is amazing, what a great plumber!! He is very knowledgeable and kind when explaining the work needed to his customers.”

    - Katy L.
  • “Jessica and Daniel were professional, friendly and more than accommodating!!! Very pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend them to everyone.”

    - Emilee C.

Avoid New Clogs in Your Drains 

Slow, clogged, and completely backed up drains are annoying and frustrating. It’s helpful to know that clogs can often be prevented with proper care, paying attention to what is put down the drain, and following a few simple tricks and tips. 

You can help avoid future clogs by: 

  • Making sure food, oil, and hair is not put down the drain
  • Using mesh covers to catch hair, food, and other debris
  • Not flushing anything other than toilet paper

Addressing slow or clogged drains right away is important for solving the problem and avoiding additional damage to the drainpipe. If you develop a slow or blocked drain, we recommend calling for drain repair in Fort Worth at the first sign of a problem. We can provide regular drain cleaning service to help keep troublesome drains clear. 


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