Replacing A Leaking Water Line In Fort Worth

Broken pipes and water leaks can cause HUGE problems for homeowners! If not detected and repaired in a timely manner, you’ll most likely end up with damage to your property as well as rising water bills. Imagine your front yard crumbling, or your basement flooding. It sounds like a nightmare, right?

Water in supply pipes will spray out forcefully when there is a leak, considering that supply pipe water is under great pressure. This pressure can make it easy for you to spot a line break—you could hear the water spraying in your ceiling or wall, or even see spots of moisture or pooling water in your drywall. But when the leak is underground, it is much harder to detect.

This was the situation our Fort Worth client was in. Let’s see how our team handled the job!

Leaking Water Line in Fort Worth TX

The pipe that connects your house’s plumbing system to the public water supply is called your main water service line. Thanks to this pipe, you will have enough water supply from the public supply to your house’s pipes for bathing, washing the dishes, and more. 

Unfortunately, this pipe isn’t immortal. It can corrode and leak. With how important having fresh water for your day-to-day life is, could you imagine what would happen if it breaks? Things would get very uncomfortable and you definitely wouldn’t be able to live comfortably! And don’t get us started on the long-term damage this can cause on your property. Thus, it’s critical that any leaks in your water main should be detected and fixed as soon as possible.

The Service Squad Fix: Water Line Replacement

Our customer in Fort Worth, Texas KNEW they had a bad leak because their yard was always saturated. The first thing our team had to do was locate the spot where the leak was. Since their water service line is located underground, the next thing we did was dig a trench to access the line.

water line

With the area of the exact leak detected and the pipe accessible, we then checked the rest of the line for any possible wear and tear. Our team ended up replacing the water service line 38 feet from the house to the meter. With that, the leak was fixed!

water line

This might sound like easy work, but in our experience, jobs like this are best left to the professionals. Following the steps you see online may not be enough, considering how important the main water service line is. If doing things yourself goes wrong, you’ll end up with more damage that will be even more expensive to repair than the initial cost of the project. You don’t have to worry about all this as Service Squad has licensed plumbers with the knowledge and tools to provide the best solutions for your plumbing problems.

If you are dealing with a leak or other water problems, contact the experts at Service Squad by calling } today. You’ll be thankful you did!