Quickly Repairing A Hot Water System In Dallas

Close your eyes and imagine taking a nice, long hot shower after a day of hard work. Feels amazing, right? From relaxing your body to soothing stiff muscles, hot baths are said to have a variety of benefits for our bodies and minds. With how hot water enhances the quality of our lives, it is definitely a must in any home. So what do you do when technical problems are preventing you from enjoying that hot bath?

Sometimes, the hot water just stops working! The circuit breaker for your electric water heater might have tripped, or maybe the main burner for your gas water heater is dirty and clogged! There could be several issues happening to your hot water system. Whatever the case, having no hot water is an inconvenience that should be addressed right away.

You can go the DIY route and fix things yourself. But not all homeowners have the time, tools or expertise. If you need to focus on your important transactions, or would rather spend your free time the way you want to, the most stress-free option is contacting professionals. That’s exactly what this Dallas homeowner did! Find out how we helped them in this week’s featured project.

Dallas Home Has Problems with Hot Water

The water in this home in Dallas just refused to get hot! Hot water problems were getting in the way of the homeowner’s day-to-day activities, so she decided to call us for assistance.

Upon checking, we discovered that the ¾” hot water line had a hole in it.

 ¾” hot water line had a hole in it

Damaged hot water lines like this wastes water and energy. Had this been left unaddressed, it could have done significant damage to the home. This could have been caused by a variety of reasons, from the age of the plumbing to the season. Finding holes like this can take time, but we were able to figure out where the problem area was using our special tools.

Fixing the Hole in the Hot Water System

Our team cut out the piece of the copper pipe that had the hole in it.

piece of the copper pipe

We then replaced it with ¾” PEX to allow flexibility. PEX is a lot better at energy conservation compared to copper pipes as it doesn’t transfer heat. Water also moves a lot more smoothly in PEX, so their hot water system will be a lot quieter than before. Lastly, PEX is reliable so the homeowner can rest assured that she will have hot water for years to come.

fixed pipe

After addressing the hole in the copper pipe, we then turned on the hot water to pressure up the hot side of the water system. This is done to check for any leaks that could cause any future problems. Luckily, we had inspected everything thoroughly beforehand so there were no leaks at all! 

As an additional protective measure, we then insulated the line to protect it from freezing considering the onset of the winter months. Colder weather can freeze pipes, which could have caused problems had we not insulated the line. Our team was able to increase the life expectancy of the PEX pipe used in our client’s hot water system.

As the top-rated plumbing experts in the area, the entire project took us only a few hours to complete. If you’re experiencing hot water problems, reach out to us by calling (817) 402-2188 today. You’ll be thankful you did!