Our Fix For Toilet Stoppage Issues In Fort Worth

We use our toilets multiple times in a day. That’s why any form of stoppage becomes an EXTREME inconvenience.

Stoppage becomes a severe issue when waste accumulates, and the drains end up blocked. Nothing’s more frustrating than seeing an overflowing waste build-up, with a whiff of a foul and stomach-churning smell. No one likes that! It can also be harmful and detrimental to health if you expose yourself to it for an extended period.

Once you’ve seen the foreboding indications of a toilet with flushing or stoppage issues, don’t wait for it to get worse. Reach out for professional plumbing services as soon as possible.

A Fort Worth Homeowner Had Toilet Flushing/Stoppage Issues


Toilet flushing and stoppage issues must be fixed at once. We got a call from a homeowner in Fort Worth, Texas, because of a toilet flushing/stoppage issue. The client tried to use a plunger first to see if it would do the work. When it didn’t work, they immediately gave us a call.

Clogging is the most common cause of toilet stoppages. Sometimes, you accidentally flush items that shouldn’t be in toilet bowls! Other times, stoppages are caused by insufficient drainage, broken pipes, or a damaged sewer line. 

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the problem so you know which solution would properly address it. Assess the situation first. If you’ve already tried all the available options, but none of them work out, that’s the time you need to call a plumber for help.

The Quickest and Most Effective Plumbing Solutions in Fort Worth TX

For this project, the tool we used to fix the flushing/stoppage issues was an auger, or what we call a ‘snake.’ Through the use of this tool, we were able to reach down and clear the clog-causing blockage. 

It is best to leave augering in the hands of professional plumbers. You wouldn’t want to cause further damage, would you? Since we’re experts at what we do, we cleared out the issue completely in less than an hour. Now, our client can enjoy using their toilet without any worries.

In situations like this, don’t hesitate to call our team of trained and licensed professional plumbers. We’ve served a number of homeowners in the Fort Worth area, and our satisfaction rate speaks about the quality of plumbing services that we provide. 

If you’re having any toilet flushing/stoppage issues, call us today at (817) 402-2188. You can also quickly fill out our online form on our website. We guarantee that we will accurately diagnose the problem and provide a solution that can fix it as soon as possible. Experience top-notch plumbing services at a great value!