Addressing Clogged Toilet Issues In Fort Worth TX

Clogged toilets are a common problem at home. This brings about inconvenience and embarrassment to most, if not all homeowners. Some clogs are easy to resolve by doing some quick-fix solutions, but things get different if your toilets frequently clog as it may need serious repair or replacement.

What causes clogged toilets?

There are several causes to why toilets are clogged:

  • Old toilet. Older models or low flow toilets are prone to toilet clogging. They may also be prone to damaging or cracking, so this needs to be replaced.
  • Waste accumulation. If you always throw trash in the toilet bowl, chances are you’ll experience clogged toilets.
  • Clogged drain line. The drain line itself needs to be backed up if this is the case.
  • Hard water deposits. These deposits accumulate over time if not cleaned regularly and can cause serious clogging problems.

Children Playing In The Bathroom Causes Clogged Toilets in Fort Worth


Major problems sometimes arise when kids play in the bathroom. We received a phone call from a Fort Worth homeowner saying that they were having issues using the toilet because their kids flushed their toys! You probably think that anyone can fish out those croc toys. Well, unlucky for us, there were a bunch of toys even further down.

If there are large objects causing an obstruction or if the sewer line is filled with objects, chances of your toilet getting clogged are high. It takes a lot of effort to remove these objects, especially when they cannot be seen or removed physically.

Fix Your Clogged Toilet Problems Fast With Us

For this project, it took our plumber almost an hour and a half to remove the Paw Patrol toys that clogged the sewer line by running the sewer machine. Now, the toilet is free from toys and anyone at home can use it worry-free. The homeowners have to make sure to close the lids to prevent their children from playing with their toys in the toilet again!

Sometimes, DIY solutions aren’t enough. Serious toilet problems such as this one should be left to the professionals who are trained to get rid of gunk and other objects inside your toilet bowl.

If you are from Fort Worth, Arlington, or anywhere surrounding these areas in Texas, avoid embarrassment from toilet problems by reaching out to us! We at Service Squad Plumbing are committed to providing you with the best quality service in dealing with your clogged toilets. We can even discuss plumbing and maintenance techniques with you to prevent it from happening again. 

We specialize in clogged drains, repair, and toilet installation. Our team also comprises expertly-trained technicians and licensed professionals who can easily detect problems and find solutions in a jiffy. 

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