When To Schedule A Leak Detection Service

Plumbing leaks are obnoxious and costly as it is, but a slab leak is far, far worse. When your Arlington, TX home has a slab leak, there is a good chance you can detect it on your own. However, not every slab leak is obvious, and the services of leak detection specialists may be necessary. Here is how and when you should schedule leak detection services.

DIY Slab Leak Detection

If you want, you can attempt to detect a slab leak yourself. Some slab leaks are incredibly obvious, but if they get to this point, it is probably because the damage is quite severe. Here are some DIY leak detection tips:

  • LOOK for water damage and excess water in the corner of your basement or at the base of a wall where the house sits on a concrete slab.
  • LISTEN for the rush of water in the walls. If you have a basement, head into the basement and listen carefully in each corner and along the edges of the basement floor.
  • CHECK your water bills. A slab leak is the direct result of a ton of water gushing from a water line in or around your home’s foundation. The constant barrage of water underground through the broken line will create an exorbitant water bill.

Mold and mildew accumulating along a certain wall or in a certain corner of your home might also indicate a slab leak. Only a pro can tell you for sure. A slab leak can also go completely undetected for months, leaving you to wonder how it is your water bills are so high. That is why it is so vitally important to have a professional check your foundation for leaks at least once every couple of years, if not sooner.

The Professional Leak Detection in Arlington TX

When the professional plumber in Arlington, TX comes to check your slab or basement floor for a leak, he/she does most of the previously mentioned things but has a few extra tools at his/her disposal. Leak detectors are very important tools that look for cold/hot spots in floors, check for moisture levels far above expectations for areas around the foundation and check for possible signs of mold or mildew inside walls adjoining leaks. Even with the very warm weather that Arlington typically experiences all year, scheduling a leak detection in Arlington TX is vital to stopping the leak and repairing it before it completely erodes the walls and/or foundation of your home.

When to Schedule a Leak Detection Service

Whether you attempt to detect the leak on your own, or you decide to have a pro do it, don’t wait! The longer you wait, the more it will cost you in terms of pipe repair, pipe replacements, foundation repair, foundation restructuring, mold and mildew removal, water damage repair, etc.. If you think for a second that your slab foundation or your basement has a slab leak, contact us today!

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