How To Prepare For A Whole-House Repiping

Plumbing services Keller, TX include a number of services you probably will never use, or perhaps use only once in a lifetime. Of those exclusive services, emergency plumbing and whole-house re-piping are just a couple of them. In the event that your house in Keller, TX, experiences a major plumbing blowout, you may need to engage a plumber in Keller, TX specifically for the unique services previously mentioned. Here is how you can prepare for a plumbing company’s approach to a whole-house emergency re-piping.

  1. Clear Everything out of the Way Where Pipes Are Likely to Be

    As with any plumbing repairs, you can make it that much easier on your plumber by clearing away everything that is anywhere near pipes in your home. For example, remove everything from under your bathroom sink, make sure there is nothing on the bathroom floor, and take everything out of your bath/shower including the shower curtain, if applicable. In the kitchen, remove everything from under the kitchen sink, and take everything out of the cabinets flanking the kitchen sink. If there is a dishwasher involved, empty it. Things are about to get very messy when your plumber in Keller, TX arrives.
  1. Check Your Basement and Empty It

    If you have a basement, empty it as much as you can. This applies to any and all areas where pipes are running underneath the first floor and heading up inside walls to any upstairs bathroom facilities. If you do not want anything you are storing in a basement to get wet, take it out. If you do not have a basement and all you have is a crawlspace, make sure nothing is in the crawlspace so that these pipes may be removed and replaced as well. It would be the same if you need emergency plumbing services and your crawlspace or basement was flooding with water.
  1. Consider Staying Somewhere Else for a Few Days

    full house re-piping is going to tear apart all of the plumbing you have and remove it. You will not be able to use the toilet, the sinks, the washer, the dishwasher, or even the shower/bathtub while the plumbing company is working on this. If you want to stay in the house, you may want to rent a portable toilet outside, and then find other means of bathing and washing dishes and laundry.
  1. In Terms of Plumbing Services, the House Will Be Gutted

    Every last pipe will be ripped out and removed. Then the plumber will install all new pipes under the first floor (if you have a basement) or in the crawlspace, and then install all new pipes in the walls behind the sinks, under the sinks, under the tubs and showers, and if necessary, under your toilets. Additional pipes for appliances and pipes to and from your hot water heater or tankless water heater are also installed as the plumbing repairs continue.

Service Squad Plumbing Can Do the Job

Service Squad Plumbing in the Keller, TX area can completely re-pipe and re-plumb a house like this. The job takes at a minimum of two to three days, with a maximum of seven business days, depending on the size of your home and whether or not you have a slab or basement foundation. Contact us today for an estimate.