End Of March: Our Expert Solution For A Clogged Toilet In Allen TX

Imagine flushing, but instead of the water going down, it goes up. The stomach-dropping panic, the look of horror on our faces, maybe even some frantic yelling. And you know what could make things worse? If this happens at somebody else’s home! It’s a nightmare we would not wish on our worst enemies.

You might think that your backed-up toilet was caused by that one time you took too long in the bathroom. The truth is, our toilets get clogged usually because of poor toilet maintenance. We spend at least a few minutes every day on the commode, so why not pay more attention to it?

Clogged Toilet in Allen TX

A client in Allen, Texas was having trouble with toilets that were backing up throughout the home. When toilet water and other contents back up, the usual culprit is a stoppage within the pipes or the toilet itself. The contents of our client’s toilets had nowhere else to go, which is why they were backing up.

clogged toilet

Clogs can actually happen anywhere—and sometimes, the location of the stoppage can make it difficult to address the issues on your own. When it seems you can no longer clear your clogged toilet by plunging, it’s time to call a professional. And that’s what our Allen client did!

Addressing Stoppage Issues with Professional Plumbing Services

We resolved the issue by simply running the sewer machine to clear the stoppage issues. After an hour, our client finally had some peace of mind. We were able to solve the problem quickly because our team at the Service Squad have trained for years to quickly assess what’s going on in your home’s drains, and come up with a solution. Because we’re made up of licensed professionals, we handle the situation with both long term and short term effects in mind.

If you’re ever in a situation where DIY solutions aren’t enough for your plumbing problems, the Service Squad is here to help! We have the tech, the tools and the expertise with a satisfaction guarantee.

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