Replacing Rotted Cast Iron Pipes In Southlake

There are various types of pipes in every home, one of which would be cast-iron pipes. However, the reliability of these plumbing lines has been a massive question over the years.

Over time, cast iron pipes slowly rot. When this occurs, it can lead to several issues such as leaks and mold. Because of this, updating your outdoor plumbing is critical, especially considering what type of damages it can cause under your home’s foundation.

In this week’s blog post, we take a look at how our team helped a Southlake client with his cast-iron pipes problems.

Replacing Rotted Cast Iron Pipes in Southlake

Before we delve into our project, let us first discuss the signs that would indicate when it is time to replace your iron pipes. Below is a list of things to look out:

  • Discoloration from water coming out of sinks
  • Frequent stoppages
  • Persistent leaks
  • Slow draining of toilet
  • Unpleasant smells from drains at home
  • Presence of molds

If you encounter any of these problems, try checking out the condition of your plumbing line. You should be able to see rust on the cast-iron pipes, which could then give rise to cracks and leaks.

Our Southlake client was dealing with frequent stoppage issues, which is why they called in for our plumbing services. It turned out that the sewer line exiting his building was completely rotted out!

How Our Team Helped A Southlake Client

We started our project by visually inspecting the cast iron pipes for the best solution. To do so, we had to dig a trench.

Now, most of our customers often do not know whether they need to replace or repair their cast-iron pipes. Although the replacement of cast-iron pipes is far more expensive than repairing them, it can be a wiser and more affordable option in the long-term.

Since the old cast iron sewer line was already completely rotted, we opted to replace it with schedule 40 PVC. This material can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, making it a great material for plumbing fixtures.

Our Southlake client now had a sewer line that was flexible, resistant to corrosion, and highly durable. But more than that, he had a more modern plumbing system — all of these benefits from just one expert plumbing job! Plus, he no longer has to worry about damaged or corroded pipes. He also saved himself from paying much more in the future if he chose not to replace these cast-iron pipes.

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Everyone deserves a clean and modern plumbing system. If you are experiencing any issues with your cast iron pipes, you may want to consider getting your pipes replaced by the Service Squad.

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