Our Fix For Clogged Drains In Fort Worth

Shower clogs that cause water to rise on the bathroom floor are not only messy but annoying as well. Imagine the tiresome waiting game before the water is completely drained. A shower experience that was supposed to relax you might just end up being more stressful. What a hassle, right? 

When shower drain problems like this arise, it is better to address the situation right away. Fortunately, it does not need to cause panic. There are various ways to fix the problem which homeowners can try. These techniques can also be used to prevent future shower stoppage. 

Tips to Prevent Shower Stoppage

  1. Using a hair strainer can save you a few bucks. Hair clogs make up the majority of shower backups. That is why the best way to prevent this is to avoid getting your hair directly to the drain. Make it a habit to remove and throw the hair caught in the strainer. Don’t worry, you can easily find this in stores.
  2. Utilizing wire hangers is a good option. If you want to make sure that hairs no longer infiltrate your drains, wire hangers can help you with it. Bend the wire and insert it into the drain. Remember, do it carefully and make sure not to reach too deeply. Then, pull it out to check for clumps of hair. 
  3. Using chemical cleaners should be done sparingly. Chemical cleaners contain acids. In most cases, it can cause pipe corrosion, especially for metal drainpipes. We recommend you to stay away from using these chemicals. 
  4. Mixing vinegar and hot water can be good for maintenance. The standard practice is to do this once monthly to prevent soap scum from accumulating. We recommend combining ⅓ vinegar to ⅔ hot water and pour it down the shower drain. This is a better and safer alternative to chemical cleaners. 

Many experts recommend practicing these tips for a smooth-running drain. However, it is important to understand that not everyone can successfully manage the problem even after trying all these.

If everything else fails after several attempts, it would be best to ask help from plumbing professionals—US! The problem might not only be on the shower line but the main sewer line. But no need to worry because we know exactly what to do. 

A Clogged Shower Drain in Fort Worth

We received a call from a Fort Worth homeowner about their shower. It kept backing up every time they took a shower. Since this can cause other potential problems, it was an urgent matter that we had to take care of ASAP. 

Unexpected backup is troublesome, but this stoppage problem did not happen overnight. There can be several reasons behind this. Most homeowners have an idea of what causes these clogs, yet little is done to prevent the damages.

Some of the usual causes include:

  • Hair. Hair accounts for the majority of shower drain clogs. Again, we advise you to use hair strainers.
  • Soap. When too much soap scum is accumulated, there may be a point where the water will have nowhere to drain. Usually, this sticks to your drain’s walls and catches hair clogs as well. Not to mention the ingredients your soap has like waxes and oil!
  • Debris. Other things might get caught in your drains. For instance, sand and dirt from washing things in the bathroom or taking a shower after playing with the dogs outside. 

Your Fort Worth Plumbing Experts to the Rescue

After our careful assessment, we found out that we needed to snake our client’s drain. The squad ran our sewer machine to clear the stoppage. It did not take too long as all our professional plumbers are well-trained and fully-equipped for tasks like this.

We only use the safest and most trusted methods when dealing with plumbing issues, wasting no time knowing that yours is valuable. That is why homeowners from Fort Worth, Texas, and nearby areas make us their top choice for their plumbing needs! Name it. From sewer line repairs, drain cleaning, plumbing installations, to other general plumbing issues, Service Squad Plumbing is exactly who you need. 

Our customers are delighted with our exceptional service. It’s time for you to experience it too. We’re available for questions or concerns. Reach out to us by calling (817) 402-2188 and experience plumbing service like no other.

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