How Mold Affects Your Plumbing

How Mold Affects Your Plumbing

One of the many causes behind your plumbing repairs is mold. Because bacteria like moisture, mold is most commonly found in bathrooms. Once it starts to grow, it can quickly spread. Mold can cause further damage to your plumbing and even negatively impact your health. Here’s why you should contact a plumber in Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas from Service Squad Plumbing to get rid of the mold growing in your plumbing.

Common Causes of Mold Growth

There are a few plumbing problems that could be leading to the growth of mold. One of those is standing water. Whether you have poor drainage in your tub or a leak somewhere in the bathroom, standing water is never a good thing. Perhaps you even had a flooded basement that housed standing water.

Without movement, still water is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Besides water damage, you may need emergency plumbing to ensure your basement doesn’t flood again to prevent mold from returning.

Clogged drains, in particular, are a common cause of mold growth. Because the water collects at the drain, it can start to grow mold there. Without regular de-clogging from a trusted plumber in Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas from Service Squad Plumbing, you’re going to see mold growing there often.

One last common cause for mold growth is if you don’t clean the bathroom or other locations regularly. Even the presence of moisture through steam might be enough for mold to start growing. You can prevent it from spreading–or even forming in the first place–by regularly cleaning areas that become moist.

The Effects of Mold to Your Plumbing

Mold is a problem right from the start. It tends to spread quickly. What began as a simple little black dot can swiftly engulf an entire area. This is bad news for your plumbing. Mold can start to eat away at the materials that make up your pipes. This can make them become brittle and far easier to damage.

The presence of mold in the home is also bad for your health. Each time you breathe it in, you’re putting yourself at a health risk. Children and older adults with respiratory issues could be the ones to suffer the most.

Mold can also start to eat away at attachments for your plumbing. You may turn a nob only to accidentally break it off. This can spring a leak and make your plumbing repairs even more costly.

Contact Service Squad Plumbing

We offer a range of plumbing services at Service Squad Plumbing, such as emergency plumbing, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, water leak detection, and repiping services among many others. All of these are designed to help ensure you don’t suffer from mold and its decaying nature.

When you need a reputable plumbing company to help prevent mold growth in your home, you need us. Call our plumbing company at (817) 402-2188
today. We’ll help make your home leak-proof and mold-proof.

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