When Is It Time To Hire A Leak Detection Specialist?

Do you need a plumber to detect a leak? Absolutely.

While some leaks may be noticeable to your own untrained eye, there are cases when a leak requires the special equipment and knowledge that only a plumber can provide. Here are a few indications that it’s time to hire a leak detection specialist.

1. Crumbling Slab Foundation

Have you noticed that your slab foundation has been crumbling more and more as of late? This could be due to a leak. It can sometimes be difficult to find the source of a leak when it comes to your slab foundation. The source may stem from a pipe inside or outside of the home. It may not even be a pipe at all.

Rainwater or melting snow could also be causing your slab foundation to slowly crumble away. This is when you need an expert in slab leak detection. These specialists can check the surrounding area to determine if the leak stems from an outdoor or indoor source.

Once they locate the leak, they can offer solutions to keep the leak from occurring again. This allows you to then look into slab foundation restoration.

2. Rotting Wood

Another indication that you need leak detectors is if you notice a lot of rotting wood in the home. Check the areas that surround pipes inside your home. Are the wooden structural supports rotting? You might see dark stains that indicate water damage. If this is the case, then you need to call a plumber immediately. You need to move quickly when it comes to questionable structural integrity.

Another area to check is on the roof. Sometimes the leak could be brought on because of a leaking roof. The structural beams that support your attic could be in trouble.

3. Dark Stains

One troubling sign that you might encounter is a dark stain in your basement. The stain may clearly be water, but you may not where the water is coming from. This is when you need leak detection services in Fort Worth, TX. Water could be dripping from an overhead pipe, from a pipe in the wall or floor, or the water could even be seeping in through a crack in the foundation.

A specialist can locate the source of the leak and stop it. A leaking basement is never a good sign. It could have catastrophic consequences for the integrity of your house. The sooner you find the source of the leak, the better the outcome will be.

Hire an Expert Specialist Today

To keep your home safe and limit the cost of repairs, you should hire our experienced team at Service Squad Plumbing. Our specialists contain the latest in technology to help find the source of the leak. Our experience and knowledge can then help us find the best solution to stop the leak, so it doesn’t happen again.

The best time to hire a leak detection specialist is when you notice a leak, the damage done by a leak, or if you suspect a leak. Waiting until you see the leak for yourself is never a good option. The water damage may be too far gone by that point.

Call us today to receive an inspection of your plumbing. Service Squad Plumbing can help you.

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