Casting Out Rotted Cast Iron Pipes In Arlington

Is your home older than 2 to 3 decades? Was it built before 1970? Then your house’s plumbing is probably outdated!

The biggest danger in outdated plumbing lies in cast-iron pipes. Depending on how old your pipes are, you might face issues soon or could already be experiencing them. Cast iron pipes that are rotted will lead to leaks under your home’s foundation. These can cause sloping floors, crack in your walls, and more.

If your home is leaking because your cast iron pipes are rotted, what do you do? Should you repair them or replace them completely? Our client in Arlington was in a similar situation. Find out what we did to help them by reading on!

Signs to Watch Out for If Your Home Has Cast Iron Pipes

But before we discuss our Arlington project, let’s educate you on when it’s time to replace the cast iron pipes in YOUR home. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • Discoloration from the water that comes out of your taps
  • Persistent leaks 
  • Your toilet drains slow after you flush
  • Water is running down your sink
  • You can smell sewer gas in your home
  • Mold is growing
  • There are sewage waste or water puddles in your yard

How We Helped an Arlington Homeowner with Their Cast Iron Pipes

Some people opt to repair their cast iron pipes, while others decide to replace them. A replacement might seem very expensive, but it can actually save you money. The cost is definitely less compared to the huge expenses that go with the damage resulting from cast iron pipes!

This project in Arlington had us dealing with rotted cast iron pipes. It didn’t take an extensive visual check to find out we needed to replace these.

We used schedule 40 PVC to replace their pipes. Switching to PVC makes it a lot easier to adapt to any future changes as the material works with a lot of plumbing fixtures. It’s flexible, resistant to rust, and very durable, so you get all these benefits along with a more modern plumbing system. The job took 1 plumber and a helper 6 hours to finish. Now, our clients can be worry-free knowing that their plumbing system is no longer prone to damage and their property’s value has increased as well.

Does your home have cast iron pipes that need replacing? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.