A Quick And Effective Replacement For A Leaky Hose Bibb In Fort Worth

An alarmingly high water bill because of a leaking hose bibb— what would you do if you experienced that in your home?

It’s easy to see why leaking hose bibbs should immediately be taken care of. Aside from the financial damage, unsupervised leaking faucets tend to cause rust which can also contaminate water. Mold can grow in wet spots as well, which may trigger bad allergies and asthma attacks. You wouldn’t want any of that near your family members, especially the kids and the elderly. And have you seen a leaking hose bibb explode after freezing over during winter and then being opened in spring? Trust us, you wouldn’t want to deal with that.

Although some homeowners tend to neglect leaking hose bibbs, thinking that a few drops of water overnight shouldn’t be so bad, there’s always regret in the end once the bill arrives and their house becomes full of puddles and other damage. This won’t be the same ending for our client’s story, as they were able to call us just in time to get their leak problem repaired!

Fixing a Damaged Hose Bibb in Fort Worth, Texas

Our client called us because she couldn’t turn off the water in her backyard. After a thorough inspection, our crew discovered her hose bibb was leaking due to average wear and tear through the years. We have seen this problem several times before, so this was going to be an easy fix for us!

The best solution would be to remove the old hose bibb and replace it with a new one. We had to act fast to avoid wasting any more water! 

fixed damaged house bibb

Instead of using a regular hose bibb for the replacement, we used a frost-proof hose bibb which is more durable especially during the cold season. A regular hose bibb would easily freeze and break but a frost-proof one will take much longer to freeze and lasts longer, therefore, helping homeowners save more money and worry less about splitting or bursting hose bibbs when spring arrives.

The project took us only one hour. Our client was amazed at how fast we were able to locate and repair the problem. It was a big help as they no longer have to worry about rising water bills.

Dealing with a leaking hose bibb and high water bills? Experience professional repair services like no other with the Service Squad. Call us at (817) 402-2188 today to book an appointment.