Leaks, Stoppages And More With Our Latest Plumbing Projects This Second Week Of September

Nobody is ever happy about leaks in their homes. Whether we’re talking about the effects of plumbing leaks on your health or the value of your home, the damage can be very costly. Plumbing should be simple and efficient, but the smallest of leaks can lead to:

  • Mold and fungi behind your walls
  • Damage to your fixtures and flooring
  • A lower value for your home

These are just a few of the many different ways leaks can wreak damage on your home. Thus, you should always keep a lookout for any potential leaks! Take note of any excess water on your floor or walls, low water pressure, strange odors, or even a sagging ceiling. If left alone, it might lead to more damage, which means higher plumbing repair costs. You shouldn’t wait—call Service Squad right away to assess the damage.

But how does are team find out where the leaks come from? You can learn how, as well as read about our latest projects, by reading on!

Dual Cleanouts in Fort Worth to Target Plumbing Leaks

See those two white circles in the photo? We’ve actually featured those a lot in our previous blog posts! They might look a little different since most of their surface is covered by soil, but these are actually dual cleanouts.

When we visit properties to perform plumbing tests, this is what dual cleanouts look like. When they don’t have cleanouts, our expert team is completely able to install them. So what problem was the client having that they had us do a plumbing test? Simple. They just wanted to find out whether they had any leaks!

The first thing we usually do is to insert the test ball down the piping. Once it has been inserted, we wait to see if the water level drops. If it does, then the homeowner definitely has a leak in the sewer system. A project like this usually takes 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the home. Quick yet very helpful work!

We were able to pull the caps off the cleanout and successfully tested the sewer system for leaks. The day ended with good news, as this customer had passed their plumbing test!

Resolving Stoppage Issues in Farmer Branch and Watauga

Our client was having the worst of luck. They were constantly having stoppage issues in their home!

To find out who (or what) the culprit was, we ran our handy dandy camera down their lines. Our team was able to discover that their old cast iron pipe was completely rotted and disintegrated. To address this, we performed a half slab penetration. First, we tore out all the old cast iron and replaced it with schedule 40 PVC. Aside from that, we also used hangers, bands, and purple primer. Fancy!

In just a day and a half, our team of 1 licensed plumber and 1 apprentice were able to succeed in the job.

Our team then had to deal with another stoppage problem in Watauga, Texas. But instead of accessing the pipes through the soil, we had to make an access point in the sheetrock of their home. We performed a sewer leak isolation and located ALL the leaks in their sewer system. Last but not least, we replaced all the old cast iron pipes they had with schedule 40 PVC. After a day, our client had no more stoppage issues!

Replacing Old Piping that Leads to Plumbing Issues in Grand Praire

Next stop, Grand Praire! Our client was dealing with several issues, so our team had to get down and dirty yet again.

The plumbing between their toilet and tub stack had separated. Our solution? Simple. We were able to remove the old PVC and replaced it with a new schedule 40.

Take a look at the old piping we removed and replaced at the toiled and tub stack. This is the little guy causing all the trouble!

And voila! Now they can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about stoppages any more.

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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