Bringing Comfort To Fort Worth Homes With Convenient Plumbing Repairs

Did you know that the clean water that comes out of your faucet is made possible with effective plumbing? It is often taken for granted, but plumbing is what ensures that water gets delivered safely to your kitchens and bathrooms. Life is so much more comfortable knowing that we have a supply of clean water that is easily accessible.

Sometimes, problems like clogged toilets, blocked drains, or leaky pipes can disrupt our comfort. It’s annoying, tedious, and inconvenient! There is no need to worry because you can call the Service Squad for fast and effective assistance. As plumbing professionals, we will diagnose the problem and find the best solution. Here are a few problems that we solved just this week!

Fixing a Leaking Master Tub Drain in Texas

Our team often has to get down and dirty so that we can do our repairs. Sometimes, we even find leaks in the most unexpected of places!

This picture is proof of that. Our client had a sewer leak in the slab underneath their master closet. Good thing we had the equipment as well as the experience necessary to penetrate the foundation beneath. Our crew was able to excavate all the way down to the sewer leak in their master tub drain. We were able to make the repair in no time, and put everything back in its right place!

A Toilet Running Randomly in Fort Worth

This next project is located in Fort Worth—in our client’s bathroom to be exact! Their toilet was running intermittently even without having been used. Not only was the sound annoying, but it can cause an increase in the water bill as well!

One of our plumbers went on-site to take a look at the toilet’s components to see what was causing the running problem. We discovered that the flush valve and fill valve for this Kohler toilet was defective, so we replaced it right away. After this one-hour repair, our client no longer has to worry about his water bill or the random sound coming from his toilet.

Preventing Water Damage in a Weatherford Attic

Next stop, Weatherford!

Water was leaking through our client’s attic. Water damage is no joke because it can put your home and family at risk. The leak was ruining the sheetrock in our client’s attic. Had this leak been left alone, it could lead to damage to the attic itself as well as the ceiling below. Plus, mold and mildew would have started to grow in their attic, which can lead to health concerns. Those are just three of the many issues water damage can bring about.

Our team did not procrastinate on this high-priority job. We got one plumber and a helper to make the repair, which was finished in two hours. Our client no longer has to worry about any costly damage and health hazards.

Replacing an Old and Defective Water Heater in Benbrook

Who doesn’t love a hot water bath? We definitely do, as well as our client in Benbrook! Unfortunately, their twenty-year-old water heater was leaking internally, so they couldn’t have any hot water for a nice relaxing bath.

The Service Squad was more than happy to help. One plumber and one helper removed the old one and replaced it with a Bradford white water heater. It took them only three hours to make sure that the job was successfully completed.

Leaking Hose Bib in Benbrook

Our last project is in another Benbrook home. Day-to-day wear-and-tear had caused their hose bib to start leaking, which is definitely bad news. The good news? This can be easily fixed by our expert plumbers!

We replaced the sillcock using a ½ inch sweat sillcock and ½ inch female sillcock, taking one plumber on-site two hours to make the fix.

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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