Plumbing Heroes To The Rescue With Our Successful Projects This Fourth Week Of October

Our pipes are the silent heroes of our home. You don’t always see them, but they’re there for you when you need to take a bath, wash the dishes or do your business on the toilet. But like all things, they’re not invincible and they’re prone to get worn out as well.  This is where your local trustworthy plumber comes to the rescue! Plumbers can help get rid of annoying clogs, blockages, and even unwanted leaks. 

Finding a plumber worthy enough of your trust is no easy task—you have to assess your local plumber’s star qualities. You need a licensed one, preferably with much experience. You must also find a plumber that is fair, in terms of pricing and services provided. After all, you are to engage in business with them, and gaining trust is of priority to a long-lasting relationship between company and customer.

The good thing is you don’t have to search for long, because the Service Squad is here to help! We are sure that we will deliver the best services that you can imagine. A showcase of the projects that we have worked on will give you a good idea of how we establish a long-lasting relationship between us and our clients, by providing services that go above and beyond.

“Stopping” the Stoppages in Arlington

Imagine you’ve just finished doing your business in the bathroom and you need to rush to work. Suddenly, the toilet bowl refuses to take even water down the sewer. Sounds like something is pretending to be Gandalf down there, not letting anything pass!

A stoppage in your sink or toilet bowl is a sign of bad news—it can render it unavailable for use, creating an inconvenience in the long run. And anything could be the culprit: scraps of food, hair strands, grease, and the list goes on. With proper handling, we can get rid of anything that is stuck there so you will no longer have any stoppage issues.

One great example of a stoppage situation is with a client that we had in Arlington.  What did we do to solve their problems? We sent in the power of King Leonidas and his men—well, not actually. Instead, we ran a Spartan 300 sewer machine down the system’s cleanouts to find the ones responsible for our client’s troubles: roots. We took care of that right away!

It did not take 300 men to finish the job though; it just took a single plumber, a single machine, and a single hour of fixing. Now, our client does not have to worry anymore with any repetitive stoppages. They can have an easy time using not only their toilets but also their sinks, as whatever gives them a hard time sending waste through the sewers is now gone.

When It Comes to Plumbing, Rules Are Not Meant To Be Broken

Whether you live in the United States or any other country, building codes and regulations are set in place with one thing in mind: the welfare and safety of whoever resides on a built property. The same thing goes for plumbing. Whoever violates this code will not only endanger a building’s residents, but they will be also greeted with legal sanctions!

One of our clients in Fort Worth encountered a problem like this—we had to repair their washer line to comply with building and plumbing regulations.

With a plumber and an assistant, we started penetrating through the slab and bringing up the washer line to code. Our team brought the said line through a sturdy foundation, then we rehung the P-trap inside both the wall stack vent and Studor vent. We also needed to completely reform the washer line’s positioning, so our experts planned it all out carefully to ensure everything in the line is both functional and compliant with the building code.

Getting legal trouble all because of a building code violation can cause a lot of stress. To avoid this, we recommend hiring a professional when it comes to things like this. This will save you time and money, ensuring that any damages in the future will be averted.

Water Line Replacement in Edgecliff Village

Sometimes, repairs are not enough to resolve an issue. A replacement would be in order, as any repair that you may do will only work as a band-aid treatment, with things eventually getting worse in the future. We have to get to the very root of the problem!

Whenever you see something wrong with the water that you get out of your faucet, you may consider getting your water line checked. Here are a few early signs that your water line should be heading for retirement:

  • Getting discolored water
  • Not getting much water
  • Seeing soggy spots in your yard

Take a look at the project we worked on in Edgecliff Village. We were able to identify that we needed to replace the existing water line to resolve the issues our client was experiencing. With a plumber and an assistant, we ran a new water line into the client’s master bathroom lavatory with a seven-inch tunnel to connect it with the backyard. We then discovered a hot water slab leak within a copper pipe under the foundation of their home, which we resolved right away.

This replacement took three whole hours. If the water line has not been replaced, the hot water slab would have continued leaking, leading to more unwanted issues.

With many plumbers out there, it is uncommon to see someone who goes above and beyond their assigned duty. We do not just deliver service, we assist our clients to resolve their concerns as we believe that with every call, comes an opportunity to help our clients solve their problems.

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.