Our Latest Plumbing Projects In Texas: Out With The Old, In With The New

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We’ve been looking forward to the weekend more than usual. Besides barbecue parties and the like, we deserve to enjoy our two days off with a cold can of beer and great company. Work has kept us buzzing like busy bees these past few days. Below are a few of the many projects we’ve worked hard on just this week. 

Repairing a Leaking Hose Bibb in Forest Hill TX

The first thing that enters an adult’s mind when they see a leak that went unnoticed is the damage it’ll most likely cause on their water bill. And the sad thing about leaks is that you’ll most likely only discover them once they’ve been there for a pretty long time. It’s enough to hurt your budget for this month’s home maintenance.

Leaks are pretty sneaky. Ensuring your home doesn’t have any of those can be pretty tedious and mindful. So how exactly can you tell that you have a leakage problem without turning your house inside out? The first sign can often be seen in your water bill. If there is a sudden spike in the increase of water usage even if you haven’t been using that much water, then there’s probably a leak somewhere. So try and compare your bills from last month to today’s and check if there is a huge difference despite having little to no increase in usage.

Sometimes, the leak doesn’t happen inside the house—it can happen outside, too. Just like in this week’s featured project, our client complained of a sudden, huge increase in their water bills despite maintaining the usual water usage. $100 added to what they usually pay in a month!

Our team discovered that there was a leak on their hose bibb, which was evident with the damp pathway bricks as well as the sheetrock inside the house. Had they not reported this incident to us, the additional $100 might have been higher. Or worse, the water leak could penetrate their floorings and cause potential furniture damage, which creates more expenses at their cost. 

You really wouldn’t want to have leaks in your home no matter what or where. So for this project, we used a Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker to get rid of the unwanted water leaks. We replaced the old hose bibb with a new frost-proof version so it can still be used during the winter. 

Because winter can get pretty harsh on your pipes. Frozen pipes, a very common dilemma during winter, cause additional leaks and unwanted siphoning of liquid into different pipes and faucets. The frost-proof hose bibb helps prevent the freezing of your pipes.

This project was done in Forest Hill. It took the plumber about 4 hours to install everything, from the vacuum to the fixing the entire leak problem. 

Plumbing Test to Check for Leaks in Justin TX

This second project was done in Justin, Texas. The customer was complaining of leaks in their sewer system. 

Nothing hurts more than having to pay for something you weren’t able to utilize. Leaks can lead to a high water bill, as well as destroy furniture, the flooring, and even your walls. So if all your money is spent on ridiculously high water bills, you won’t have any funds left to repair the damage done, too, so it’s a huge loss. 

Once you notice a sudden increase in your water bills despite not using more than usual, immediately contact us to check what could be wrong so we can provide the necessary repairs. After repairs, our team does a plumbing test to ensure we have repaired all the leaks in the sewer system. 

It’s also important to test the freshwater to see if there are any leaks on the freshwater lines. Because dirty sewer water shouldn’t mix with any freshwater at all! It’s unsanitary and a recipe for disaster. Leaking sewer water can also lead to a ponding condition in your yard, which can become a potential breeding and hangout spot for pests and rodents, too. Imagine the smell—yikes. 

This featured customer had to pass a plumbing test. We needed to make sure that their foundation warranty won’t get voided just because of a leak.

So how exactly did we perform the test to make sure everything’s in order? 

The first step involves dropping a test ball down the cleanouts and then inflating the ball to seal the system. Next, we fill it up with water. If the water level remains full (like shown in the photo above), they passed the plumbing test. 

However, if the water level drops, that informs us that the homeowner has a leak in the system. The last step would be to find out where the issues are and perform the necessary repairs. The speed of service often depends on the size of the home. For situations like these, it can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

After repairing, all the leakage issues were finally resolved. Our client was very satisfied and thankful as we helped him out of a disastrous situation. Apart from fixing the leaks, we were able to help him keep his warranty active.  Our team is dedicated to helping our clients out of sticky situations. Hand in hand together, we fix leaks one project at a time.

Cleanout Installation in the Fort Worth Area

For this last project, our team installed cleanouts at a client’s property. 

Cleanouts are necessary in order to maintain cleanliness and to ensure that blockages are easily taken care of. A cleanout looks like a pipe with a large, removable cap. You can easily remove blockages such as clumps of hair, built-up grease or other foreign blockages this way. 

As seen in this photo, this is a band connecting a PVC to cast iron. These types of pipes are susceptible to iron corrosion due to their material composition. These old rusty pipes are an invitation for potential hazards and damages.

Our client had to have new cleanouts installed because they had a leak on their old cleanout. We chose a cleanout made of a different material to prevent unwanted leaks. Although no cleanouts are permanent, choosing better material helps in making your cleanout more durable and maintenance-free. 

It took us about 2-3 hours with one plumber and a helper on site. Despite being a two-man team, we made sure to test the cleanout to ensure that every part of the plumbing system worked well. We never leave without double, triple checking everything first to prove everything is operating smoothly. 

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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