Repairing Broken PVCs In A Sewer System For An Irving Homeowner This Second Week Of November

Sometimes strange things happen, right under your nose–weird sounds coming out of nowhere, moist floors, an odd smell you just can’t pinpoint. These could be symptoms of a sewer leak, which means you may need to get things checked or else bad things will happen.

Our client in Irving, Texas had no idea her sewer system was completely separated and draining under the foundation of her home. After an inspection by our team, we discovered that two PVC pipes had separated due to a foundation lift. With several tunnel repairs and slab penetrations to expose all broken PVC pipes, it took our team one whole week to repair not just the misconnection, but all leaks across the client’s sewer system as well.

Problems such as these are pretty common, and they need to be addressed carefully and quickly. Our successful projects are a testament to how efficient repairs should be done as long as the plumbing is concerned!

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