Halloween Projects: Dealing With Bathroom Horrors And More This Week

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But enough with weekend fun for now. Let us tell you a scary story. Beneath everyone’s homes, something is lurking. Something that is just stalling for time. And when the time comes, it will get you. No, it’s not a ghost or a monster, but something scarier than those two combined.

What is it? Plumbing problems that could render your bathroom unusable! If that doesn’t scare you, here are a few mysteries our team solved in the Fort Worth area involving clients who had experienced the bathroom horrors themselves.

Unseen Horrors of a Hidden Sewer Break in Fort Worth

As time passes, your pipes are subject to wear and tear. For this reason, you must perform plumbing tests from time to time. Because nothing is scarier than a hidden leak in your sewer system!

After doing a plumbing test, we discovered that something was wrong with our Fort Worth client’s sewer system. We found a major break on the pipe connected to their master bathroom, which would require re-piping. If this had been left unnoticed, what other horrors would our client have been subject to? Rising water bill? Soaked furniture? Who knows?

With a plumber and an assistant, we removed the old leaky cast iron in their sewer system and replaced it with schedule-40 PVC to make repairs. The picture above shows how we replaced a P-trap, as well as replaced the waste and overflow in the hall bathroom. We finished this repair in half a day.

With the sewer system repaired, we have minimized the chances of our client having to put up with issues in both their master and hall bathroom.

With Halloween done, Christmas is just around the corner! And what should we expect during these months? Cold weather.

During the winter months, my favorite thing to have is a lovely shower with hot or warm water. It’s a comforting and refreshing way not only to get clean but also to fight off cold temperatures. Besides, who would want to shower with cold water on an already freezing cold day? With the help of a water heater, hot showers are possible, but not everybody has a trusty water heater!

Our customer in Fort Worth had the problem of not having access to hot water, which is why they requested us to install a new water heater for their home. Toiling for three hours, our team composed of a plumber and a helper installed a brand-new 30-gallon water heater, complete with a shut-off valve replacement. We also installed an emergency shut-off valve on the cold water side of the water heater for more safety. To top it all off, we replaced their gas flex line and then installed a sediment trap on the gas valve.

With that water heater instalment, our client can now enjoy the warm bath they deserve during a chilly day. Plus points for the security valves to ensure they will not get hurt if something happens to the heater!

The Abominable Toilet in Benbrook

Imagine this. You’re using the bathroom, doing your business, then suddenly, you can’t flush your toilet! Anxiety-inducing, right? These are unfortunate scenarios that people experience with unmonitored bathroom fixtures. When bathroom fixtures break, that’s where the horror begins. 

Our Benbrook client definitely had to deal with such a horror. The flush of their toilet was not working, so this homeowner had to do the dirty work herself—by using a grilling fork to shut off her toilet when the tank was full. With a single plumber and an hour of repair, we replaced the fill valve, so our client can finally put her grilling fork to rest.

Stoppages: A Bathroom’s Worst Nightmare

Stoppages are a bathroom horror that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. It was something our client in North Richland Hills had to deal with, but luckily we were around to help!

Just take a look at the picture above! With a drain full of hair, they had a pretty hard time dealing with clogging issues. With a team consisting of a single plumber and an assistant, we went over to their home so we could perform the necessary repairs. The crew ran a camera down our client’s drain cleanouts, and we found the source of the clog. Once we got that out of the way, we ensured that all affected bathroom fixtures were clog-free by testing each one. and so far, they work pretty well.

To avoid this problem from reoccurring, we informed our client never to flush whites down the drain. With these preventive measures, and with the quick removal of whatever is causing their stoppage issues, our clients will surely get more comfort and no anxiety with using a toilet ever again.

These are only a few of the many possible horrors that you may expect with your plumbing. You do not need to call an exorcist, the Ghostbusters, or Scooby-doo and the gang to solve the mysteries that lurk beneath your pipes. All you need is to give us a heads up, and we will effectively fix those plumbing issues in no time!

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