Foundation Fix: Damage Control For Plumbing Systems In Fort Worth Homes

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And while you’re enjoying Fort Worth through biking, we enjoy repairing the tubes that support your waterworks. Damage control is essential to any home, including what is under it. And by that, we mean the pipes that bring water you use when you take showers, wash dishes, and more. Here is some of the damage control that we did this week at our clients’ homes.

Fixing Your Foundations Means Fixing Your Pipes Too

Our customer in Fort Worth had to get their home’s foundation lifted. Foundation repair is sometimes a necessity, but it can cause damage to other parts of your home. The plumbing system, in particular, is susceptible to injury. Pipes can break, and most of the time, whoever is doing your foundation lifting is not liable for any damages caused. It is imperative that whenever you repair your foundations, you also have to consider fixing your pipes or preventing them from getting damaged. A reliable plumber is all you need to make sure no damage is done. And if there was damage, that trusty plumber can fix it!

One thing that could get damaged during foundation repair is the gas line. While water leaks are dangerous on their own, gas leaks are even more dangerous as they will make the area prone to further accidents. These include soil erosion, respiratory issues, and house fires. 

As a precautionary measure, we disconnected the gas in the back of our client’s house by capping off the gas line before foundation work begins. Now, our client can have her foundation lifted without having to worry about a gas leak inside her home. Capping and reinstalling the gas line after the foundation repair only took 20 minutes.

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