Flange Replacement And Sewer Reroute For A Fort Worth Homeowner This Second Week Of November

Successful Flange Replacement and Sewer Reroute in Benbrook

The toilet is our trusty steed during ‘special occasions”. But what if this ‘steed’ gets in trouble?

A toilet that is stationed firmly on the ground does not mean that it is not prone to breaking. In fact, toilet seats can get wobbly, leaky or clogged, all of which is enough to give you a headache. Leave these unfixed, and you’re in for even more trouble – being prone to fall damage, having more broken bathroom fixtures, your water bill skyrocketing, and of course, additional expenses. Why wait for disaster to happen if you can just simply have it repaired as soon as possible?

This scenario is what our client at Benbrook, Texas had. To take care of their wobbly toilet, it took a single plumber and two hours of repairs. With a  simple flange and wax ring replacement then a restructuring of the flex line, the toilet seat is now back to its full functionality.

Our client is happy that their bathroom’s throne is now good to go, but we are not done yet… 

Whenever we accept a job with a client, it is not always a one-and-done situation. Sometimes, there are more things to take care off, especially when we discover hidden issues. That flange installation is just one of the two things our clients wanted us to fix. For part two of this project, we had to re-route their sewer.

Restructuring the flow of sewer waste from your home to the sewer system down below is sometimes a necessity. There are some cases that water flowing out needs to be set on a different route. The current setup may not efficient in laying down waste, which can affect all connected fixtures at home and render them useless. It’s better to make sure that everything in your sewer lines is optimal.

For this client, we did a sewer rerouting for their home where we changed the pipe connections for the air conditioner, washing machine and kitchen drains. We also restructured their flow to the exterior line, and then reconnected them to the main sewer line. Our team managed to perform multiple procedures just to get the job done–tunnelling, brick access, concrete access, and trenching. We even had to perform a slab penetration to access our client’s kitchen and laundry lines. What a complex job! With a plumber and a helper, this project took three whole days to get the new system working.

Rerouting a sewer is no easy task. One mistake can result in further issues for all connected home fixtures, which is why a professional should handle jobs like this. And we are definitely the experts for the job, as we carefully planned the repairs and executed them perfectly!

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