Copper Pipe Leak: Damage Control For Plumbing Systems In Fort Worth Homes

Leak Repair for Copper Pipes in the Fort Worth Area

Just like any other pipe, a copper pipe can also be prone to leaks. Plus, their material component makes them prone to damage and rust. A damaged pipe can cause more than just leaking; it can inflict damage within the house’s main framework and ruin furniture, too. And if that’s not scary enough, you also have to consider how leaks promote the growth of mold and bacteria which can be harmful to respiratory health.

This week, we had to repair the freshwater system. This is located in the wall of our client’s home. A copper line was leaking, which we had to locate. Our team then repaired the leak by cutting it out and soldering the copper pipe. This problem took us two hours to fix.

Hiring a professional to handle the situation is better than attempting to fix it on your own. Doing a DIY can cause further damage, especially if you’re not fully aware of which pipe is which and what’ll happen if you “fix” the wrong one. As they say, leave it to the experts!

Check out the next repair we feature this week here.

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