Tips On Keeping Your Pipes Clear All Summer

Tips on Keeping Your Pipes Clear All Summer

The last thing you want to deal with on a beautiful summer’s day is a frustrating plumbing problem. Pipe repairs can be tedious, expensive, and throw your entire plumbing system out of order until they’re fixed.

Keep your pipes in excellent condition all summer long. Be careful about what you flush down your drain, don’t plant trees close to your sewer pipes, and keep up with routine pipe inspections to prevent damage. By following these tips, your home should stay in great shape all the way until fall.

Be Mindful of What You Flush Down Your Drain

If everyone in your family is home for the summer, make sure they’re not harming your drains. It’s essential to only flush natural and compostable items down your sink or shower drain. If not, clogs and buildup occur. Make sure everyone in your house knows what not to flush down the drain, which includes:

  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Paper and feminine products
  • Food waste like banana peels, corn husks, and coffee grounds
  • Cooking oils (fats and grease)

Be Careful Where You Plant Trees

If summer means planting new shrubs, be mindful of where they’re placed. Tree roots can grow and reach your sewer pipes. When this occurs, the roots wrap around and crush your pipes. Avoid this by being careful about where you plant new trees. Make sure they are not anywhere near underground lateral sewage lines. Plant trees along the exterior of your property and keep the area above your sewer pipes clear.

Schedule Routine Inspections

Summer storms wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. Keep up with regular pipe inspections and cleanings throughout the summer to help your pipes stay in tip-top shape. A professional from Service Squad Plumbing can inspect your gutters, and keep them free of debris. We also use sewer cameras to inspect your interior pipes and ensure there aren’t any leaks, corrosion, or tree root invasions. Stay on the safe side by keeping up with regular pipe maintenance, so your plumbing system remains in excellent condition all summer long.

Let Service Squad Plumbing Keep Your Pipes Clean

Service Squad Plumbing is your reliable and local team that can keep your pipes clear all summer long. Contact us to learn more about our affordable rates and our pipe cleaning services.