Toilet Leak—Plumbing Repairs For A Merrier Christmas In The Fort Worth Area

Christmas is a great time with family and friends until there’s a problem with your plumbing. Whether these problems are big or small, no one wants to deal with a troublesome system especially with visitors over for the holidays.

Usually, plumbing problems start off small. You might have just overlooked it, or you may say “I’ll get it fixed later.” The issues you are facing can and will get bigger in time. Sometimes, they escalate during the happiest of times, like the Christmas season, which you definitely don’t want!

You could be troubled by a small leak under a sink or leaky seal under the toilet bowel or supply valve. Whatever it is, get it checked by a professional plumber from Service Squad. We will inspect the issue and make the necessary repairs so you and your family can have a worry-free holiday celebration.

Taking Care of a Toilet Leak in Fort Worth

Toilets are a common source of plumbing problems in any home, That small issue can turn into a major one if repairs are not taken care of right away. For example, not getting a toilet leak checked and fixed at the start will end up costing you more money on bigger repairs in the long run.

Here are 3 bad effects your leaky toilet can cause if not repaired immediately.

  1.   Water damage in the walls or ceiling and flooring such as wood or tile.
  2.   Untreated corrosive copper piping from the supply line from the toilet, which can spread to other areas like bathroom sinks, the shower, or tub areas, leading to more major damage.
  3.   And one of the worst (and definitely costly) effects—mold. That nasty black or grayish-white fungi living under your floors, in your walls or ceilings for a long period of time can spread and cause seriously dangerous health effects on you and your family. You might end up remodeling your bathroom instead of just repairing that one leak! 

Our customer in Fort Worth, Texas made the right decision to get their toilet leak repaired immediately and save money. We responded to their call right away. Upon inspection, we discovered that the cause of the problem was an old worn-out supply line and shut off value. You may find corrosion on these as time passes—it’s like getting gray hair as you age. This corrosion becomes excessive and can lead to leaks, which is why it’s so important to get your bathroom fixtures checked by a plumber. Our team will take a look and make all necessary repairs or replacements. 

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