This Week In Fort Worth: Toilet Stoppages

Take a look at the third repair we feature this week!

Solving Stoppage Issues in the Fort Worth Area

Water is precious. We drink it, we use it to water our plants, we wash our dishes using water. And we even rely on it to clear away any of our waste! Sometimes, we forget where the water we use goes. Thus, we end up being careless, resulting in plumbing problems like plumbing stoppages. As disgusting as stoppages might sound like, it’s something that can happen in any household. And when it does happen, you know who to call!

One household object that can get affected by stoppages is the toilet. Toilets are designed with a limit on what they can carry away—but with sanitary pads, wipes, excess toilet paper, and more (we don’t want to go into detail!), your toilet can get bogged down. Something similar happened to a homeowner in Fort Worth. To prevent the issue from escalating, they called in our experts and we headed over their home as soon as we could.

To clear their stoppage issue, we pulled the toilet off, which led us to another discovery. Their toilet flange was broken!

The toilet flange is a ring, either made of plastic or metal, that holds your toilet to the floor. If this is broken, your toilet can become unusable, unstable, with water seeping out. Problems galore! Good thing we were able to repair this in just 2 hours.


Whether you are dealing with a stoppage, a loose faucet, or a leaking hose bibb, the best way to avoid problems from getting worse is by educating yourself on the plumbing in your home and becoming aware of the importance of each fixture. Once your family knows the value of the plumbing system in your house, you’ll be able to identify problems right away and call in the Service Squad to take care of things for you.

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