This Week In Fort Worth: Faucet Repairs

Here’s the second repair we feature this week:

Faucet Repairs for Fort Worth Homeowners

This next project takes us to Fort Worth, which has earned the nickname of Cowtown due to its deep roots in the cattle ranching industry. Cowboys know how important water is in our daily lives, which is probably why this Fort Worth homeowner called us. The faucet on their wall was very loose, and they could not get the water to turn off completely.

Over time, the base and handles of our faucets can get loose. When the handle gets loose, you won’t be able to efficiently turn the faucet on and off. But if it’s the base that is loose, the faucet ends up moving freely, with the line supplying water to the faucet rupturing and leaking. In our client’s case, it was the base that was loose and they were worried about the potential rise in their water bill.

At Service Squad, we see faucets as an indispensable part of your home. Thus, we made it our mission to get this home’s bathroom faucet back in good working condition. Upon checking, we discovered that the cartridge was broken so we replaced it along with the tub spout. The job took one and a half hours. Now our client no longer has a leakage issue, which has saved them around 10% of their water bill. 

Check out the third repair we feature this week here.

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