Spotting Slab Leaks

Dealing with a slab leak can be frustrating for any homeowner, regardless of the time of year, but most especially at the beginning of the year. Starting off with a plumbing issue, particularly a leak is an indication of underlying issues. For one, it could be a sign of significant problems involving the foundation of your house. When left undetected, it can result in costlier repairs down the road. That is why Service Squad Plumbing, the leading authority in leak detection in Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas, explains what you should know about slab leaks

Understanding Slab Leaks

First, let your trusted plumber explain what exactly a slab leak is. This is the result of a leak that has developed in the pipes just beneath the concrete foundations of your residential property. The slab, in this instance, refers to the concrete floor in your basement, where the water lines may be located. Overtime, slab leaks can cause a myriad of major problems when left unchecked. Some of the consequences you will need to avoid include high water bills, foul odors, low water pressure, and even wall and foundation cracks. Worst case, your entire house may start to shift and sink. You will need the help of our team to prevent slab leak damage, making it imperative to have annual plumbing maintenance as well.

Slab leaks can be caused by any of the following: poor pipe installation, outside pressure, corrosion, as well as wear and tear. If your pipes were installed by inexperienced technicians, they may end up getting dented upon installation. Eventually, the pressure of the water will result in a leak. Meanwhile, erosion and shifts on the ground can be considered external pressure that causes leaks. In fact, these can even lead to a burst pipe situation, which will require extensive repair from our experts.

Corrosion can also cause a slab leak. When left unattended, this could shorten the lifespan of the pipes. Wear and tear can become imminent.

Red Flags That Mean There Is a Slab Leak

All kinds of plumbing leaks, especially slab leaks, should be addressed as soon as possible. Be mindful of the common warning signs that you have a slab leak. If you spot any of the following, be sure to reach out to Service Squad Plumbing. We will be sure to conduct a slab leak detection and repair the cause of the issue efficiently.

Higher-than-usual water bill. A sudden increase in your water bill can mean a lot of things but it could be an indication of a leak if you cannot figure out or it came as an unpleasant surprise to you. More than a nuisance to your budget, a spike should be a good enough reason to set an appointment with your top plumber.

Wet spots. Once there is an accumulation of water beneath the concrete floors, you can expect it to come to your flooring. Your carpeting and other items are in danger of ending up with the brunt of the damage. When the slab leak eventually reaches your floors, it is only a matter of time before mold and mildew growth ensues. Let our team check on your home right away. We are the professional slab leak detectors that you can count on to resolve the issue.

Running noise. Nonstop water from your heater or toilets keeping you up at night? This is not just wasting energy and water but making a mark on your finances too. Call a professional plumber from our team to check it out.

Call Services Squad Plumbing

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