Broken Toilet Flange—Plumbing Repairs For A Merrier Christmas In The Fort Worth Area

Here’s the second featured project for this week:


Things that come into constant or frequent contact with water end up getting worn out, and your home’s plumbing system is not exempted. Nothing lasts forever. Each fixture has its very own lifespan, but sometimes they get damaged and give in before they even reached the end of their “life”. It’s always a good idea to have your home inspected every 1 or  2 years to see if everything is working as it should be. 

The next customer that we worked with called us because his wax ring might need to be replaced.  We got to the property and upon inspection, we discovered the wax ring wasn’t the issue. It was the toilet flange!

The base flange of their toilet in the master bathroom was broken. We talked it over with the homeowner, showed him the problem, and offered the solution of replacing the toilet flange. To get their toilet back up and running, we replaced the cast iron toilet flange and reset the toilet. The homeowner was in good spirits after our 2-hour repair job.

They made the right decision when they called us to help with the repair instead of doing it themselves. It’s very important to consult with an expert instead of taking it upon yourself on this type of repairs as we can correctly evaluate the problem and immediately provide a solution.

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