This Week’S Exceptional Plumbing Projects In The Fort Worth Area

Plumbing is often taken for granted, something more in the background than at the forefront of our home. It actually plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives! Thanks to great plumbing, we get clean water whenever we turn our faucets on, we can wash our dishes with ease, and other awesome benefits.

But what happens when a plumbing disaster strikes? It could be a leak in your sewage system or a broken pipe. Whatever the case, we at Service Squad are here to serve you! Read on to find out how we overcame different plumbing challenges just this week.

Efficient Sewer Line Camera Services to Detect Leaks in Garland

One common problem we’ve dealt with in many homes in the Fort Worth area is the hidden leak. No matter how small the leak is as it starts out, it will eventually grow bigger and bigger, along with the consequences you will face if this is not fixed right away. The leaking water can cause damage in your home, from dangerous molds to rotting wood.

Since pipes are usually hidden in walls and beneath floors, it can be difficult to detect. Don’t worry, because our team is here to help!

The easiest way to check if there is a leak is through a plumbing test or sewer leak isolation. To do so, we need to work with the cleanout. A cleanout is very important in any plumbing system as it lets you access drain pipes and the sewer line. To detect leaks, we perform a pressure test with the help of the plumbing cleanout.

Unfortunately, this homeowner in Garland, Texas only had an old cast iron cleanout! It would be very difficult to get accurate results when testing on a single cast iron cleanout, so we devised the perfect solution—our team installed a dual cleanout!

The new dual cleanout can now ensure that we will be able to locate all leaks during leak isolation. Once we finished installing the dual cleanout, we performed a sewer leak isolation on the sewer system. When we attempted to do a plumbing test, the system failed. Do you know what that means? There definitely is a leak!

Our crew of two then returned with a camera to scope the lines and find where the leaks were located. It only took the team two to four hours to work on this project. Now, our client doesn’t have to worry about leaking water in their home.

Quick Water Leak Detection and Repair in Lewisville

Our next project takes us to Lewisville, where another homeowner was facing the same problem—a leak in their sewer system. The culprit? A broken pipe!

This can be very stressful for homeowners who just want to enjoy their day off. Thankfully, our team is here to handle all the dirty work. First, we located the broken sewer pipe that was causing the leak. We then cut out the damaged area of the pipe and slid on a repair sleeve to replace the broken pipe. Of course, our team takes all necessary precautions such as shutting off the water. We wouldn’t want your utility bills to rise, right?

But it doesn’t end there. Once we dug the tunnel to repair the broken sewer pipe, we located ANOTHER leak! We fixed that one, too, of course. Now, our customer has a fully functional sewer line. Good job, guys!

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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