Use Technology To Upgrade Your Bathroom Plumbing

Get the same advantages and comfort you enjoy from your smartphone in your bathroom! Home automation is as popular as ever with smart thermostats and lighting – and for homeowners in Fort Worth, it doesn’t end there.

Bathroom plumbing is currently experiencing a technological boom – and that means more comfort than ever in your home. If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade or remodel your bathroom, but still want to keep costs down, one exceptionally way to do it is by adding smart fixtures.

At Service Squad Plumbing we are your bathroom plumbing experts in Fort Worth. From programming these new systems to installing the pipes needed to work them – we make it easy for your home.

Customize Your Morning Routine With a Digital Shower

How much time do you spend on a daily basis trying to dial in the perfect temperature before you shower? Wish you could warm it up before you even get out of bed? Well with a digital shower installed – you can get it all. These smart devices work in connection with the shower heads inside your bathroom for a personalized approach to showering.

You’ll be able to control every aspect of your showering including the water temperature, water pressure, which jets are used, lighting, and even how much time is spent showering. You can also set them to preheat your shower for you, which can be a great perk in the colder winter months.

Elevate Your Bathroom Style With High-Tech Faucets

If you don’t want to splurge on every element of your bathroom during a remodel, do the little things that make the most impact. Upgrading your faucets and fixtures is a great way to add some technology and style to the room. Not only do many of these fixtures come in sleek designs but also they have some comfortable settings that make using them a breeze.

Some of these high-tech faucets can be operated with a simple touch – so you no longer have to worry about handles or leaks. Additionally, they can include temperature settings in case you need things a little hotter or colder. For the more adventurous homeowners, you can add some splashes of color in your bathroom with adjustable LED lighting – that’s sure to turn heads with a futuristic look.

How Can Automated Music & Chromatherapy Benefit You?

Not all additions to your bathroom plumbing have to be about functionality – some can even add some luxury to your home. If bubble baths and candles aren’t cutting it anymore for your relaxation – elevate your game and try automated music and chromatherapy.

This simple combination puts relaxing music and healing lights to work for you. You’ll be able to enjoy benefits both physical and spiritual all from the comfort of your home.

The chromatherapy itself is designed to help you relax, unwind, open your creativity, and even improve your health. In some instances – this type of therapy is known to alleviate headaches and pains – which can be a great tool to have in your home.

Save The Environment One Flush at a Time With an Eco-Friendly Toilet

If you’re less concerned with adding technology for your comfort and more concerned with the environment, we have a solution for that too. Eco-friendly toilets are designed to use less water, but still, give you the flushing power you need in your home. Best of all, they work with your existing bathroom plumbing, so there isn’t much work needed to get them installed in your home.

If you’d like to know more about upgrading your Fort Worth Bathroom plumbing, be sure to give our expert staff a call today!