Simple Tricks For Fixing A Toilet That Won’t Flush

One common bathroom plumbing issue that can be a major pain is a toilet that won’t flush. It’s particularly frustrating if you live in a household with one bathroom. Fortunately, it’s an easy thing to fix, and if you’re a homeowner, you should learn how to take care of this problem.

In most cases, you won’t even need the help of a Fort Worth, TX bathroom plumbing company. Ready to find out how to take care of your toilet? Here are a few simple tricks for fixing a toilet that simply won’t flush.

Get in Touch With an Expert if You Think It’s a Clog

If there’s one scenario where you will need the expertise of a plumber, it’s dealing with a clog.

You might be able to dislodge a clog with a plunger or snake, but if it’s located in the toilet flange or drain it will require the tools of a bathroom plumbing professional.

Call one up and order an inspection if you suspect there might be something clogging up the works.

If It’s a Malfunctioning Flapper You Can Fix it Yourself

Thankfully, most of the time a toilet won’t flush due to a flapper issue, which is a simple thing to fix and only requires a basic understanding of how toilets function. The flapper is a component located at the bottom of the tank.

It’s held by a chain that’s attached to a rod connected with the handle. Pushing down on the handle causes the rod to lift up and raise the chain along with the flapper. This reveals an opening that allows water in the tank to enter the bowl.

After the water is drained the flapper closes the opening so the tank can fill up again. If the flapper isn’t sitting on top of the opening correctly, the tank won’t re-fill, and you can’t flush anymore. This is commonly caused by a worn flapper, a loose chain or even a chain stuck between the flapper and opening. If you jiggle the handle, everything might go back in its place, otherwise, you will need to open up the tank and take care of business with your own two hands.

Lift up the lid of the tank and take a peek inside. Figure out what’s stopping the flapper from covering the opening and fix it by either seating the flapper yourself, re-attaching the chain or pulling out the chain from beneath the flapper. If the tank was empty, it should start to fill up with water. Once that’s done, flush the toilet and make sure the flapper is properly set over the opening. That’s it! Put the lid back on. The toilet is fixed.

Grab a Bucket of Water and Force a Flush

An alternative way of flushing your toilet is to force it by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl. If done right, it should trigger the flushing process and get rid of any waste.

This action might also be enough to solve the problem. Be sure you’re not slowly pouring down the water, or else you’re just raising the water level in the bowl.

The key is to pour enough water in a short amount of time for this trick to be successful.

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