4 Most Common Issues That Cause Water Leaks

The pipes in our plumbing are not the first place we think of when leaks come to mind. Usually, a leak is something you hear dripping out of a tap, and a wrench, a replacement washer or O-ring and some elbow grease are all it takes to solve the problem.

If you’re doing some serious water leak detection and you find your pipes leaking, even if it’s not a major problem now, this is a symptom. It’s just like ignoring a fever, or a cough; this is a small sign of something major to come. But what causes a leak in pipes and what leads to it? These four factors are a possibility.

Old Pipes

People that live in older homes that have been well maintained are enjoying hard work and quality construction that has lasted for decades.

But even the best-made fixtures of a home can’t last forever, and you shouldn’t rely on them too. This is especially true with plumbing.

Some homes in Texas are now 100 years old or more, and still use the same cast iron drainage plumbing they were built with!

But after a century of use, it shouldn’t be a surprise that metal fatigue may be an issue that can cause fractures leading to leaks and eventually a breakage in the pipes. Get old pipes inspected and replaced!


Another possible side-effect of time is the weakening of pipes through chemical processes. Metal, for example, oxidizes when exposed to moisture, air and time, resulting in rust. But rust isn’t just a discoloration; it’s also a weakening of the structure, which leads to leaks.

Corrosion is another risk where parts of the pipe simply get worn away. Don’t think you have nothing to worry about if you have plastic pipes, even PVC can corrode!

People that get too enthusiastic with drain pipe cleaning products may not realize it, but they are pouring highly acidic chemicals down their drain to clear those blockages. Those chemicals, if they get too concentrated, can literally eat away at your pipes, eventually letting water seep through for which you’ll need water leak repair!

Water Pressure Settings

This one surprises a lot of people, but it makes sense if you think about it. If you’ve ever been hit with a firehose, you know water, at sufficient pressure, carries a lot of force.

Your water pipes have a recommended tolerance level for pressure, but some people ignore this because they want high pressure for an invigorating shower.

However, now you’re putting stress on every single water pipe in your home, every day of the week, all year long, just to get a high-pressure shower. Over time, this will inevitably damage pipes, cause breaks, and eventually, water leak detection will find drips in your pipes. Use a pressurized showerhead instead, and you avoid this risk.

Water Quality Issues

You can’t control what water comes into your pipes, so this is a variable you won’t be able to do much about.

But things like calcium and pH levels can contribute to chemical interactions with your pipes that can lead to structural failures and leaks.

Leaks can happen to any home in Fort Worth, TX, with diligent water leak detection and professional water leak repair, you can stop small problems from turning into bigger, more expensive ones.

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